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Mrs. McNerney

Room 9

Mrs. McNerney

Room 9

Battle Ground Elementary

303 Main St.

Battle Ground, IN 47920

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My Grading Policy

Children will always receive a star, smiley face, or fun stamp on any work they do in class. It helps the children to see positive reinforcement and it is too early in life to ”fail”…but it will be the parents responsibility to read any comments that I have written on the paper and discern what help the child may need. Sometimes I will offer a suggestion for you on the paper. Students will be evaluated for the skills taught at the end of each quarter for report cards. Your child’s grades will be reviewed at the first conference. Here is the breakdown on how we give grades for report cards:

4 - 100-90% Mastery

3 - 89-80% Approaching Mastery

2 - 79-70% Developing Mastery

1 - 69-0% Needs time to Master

Discipline Policy

We will focus on our school’s guidelines: “Treat People Right” and “Do the Right Thing”. Life skills such as caring and cooperation will be discussed and practiced daily. Children are expected to listen and follow the simple classroom rules:

1. Listen and follow directions.

2. Raise your hand before speaking.

3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

4. Be kind to your classmates and your teacher.