Mrs. Choate's Class

Welcome to what is sure to be another great year at Wyandotte! I am very excited to be teaching in such a wonderful school with such wonderful families! The kindergarten team at Wyandotte works very closely to ensure that your student will have a great year.

My name is Nikki Choate and I have been teaching Kindergarten for 13 years. Along with teaching here at Wyandotte, I am also a parent. I have 3 girls. 2 are here at Wyandotte and the 3rd attends East Tipp Middle School. I am involved with our PTO as the VP and also coach our 4th and 5th grade girls running team in the spring. Kindergarten is a family business for me. My mom taught kindergarten for 36 years! My favorite part of teaching Kindergarten is to watch how much each student grows. Kindergarten has made some major changes in the last several years. When I was in Kindergarten we learned how to tie our shoes, cut, glue, color, etc...

Today we ask much more out of our Kindergarten students. At the end of this year you will see your child reading and writing more then you ever thought possible. I am so excited to see this growth in your child. However, this is not a one man show. I need your help! This year you will see a folder go home every day. You will find daily student work and many other helpful things in this folder. Several of these pages will contain great information about what we are working on in the classroom and will change a few times throughout the year. These pages are yours to read through and use how you see fit. They will have some great tips to help you work with your child at home. Together we will have a great year!

Please feel free to contact me at any time via the email link below or via the Class Dojo app we will be using this year (see below for more informatio on Class Dojo) . As a school of the future we will be working hard to use less paper each week. This means that I will be emailing the newsletter each week and not sending home paper copies. Please make sure that I always have an updated email address. We have many fun school activities each week you will want to know about!

Please contact me at any time at school by

by phone: 765-772-7000


Class Dojo

In my class we use a website called Class Dojo. It is a website that allows teachers to give students immediate feedback on their behaviors, positive and negative. Students get very excited when they are awarded points (it’s on display the entire school day) and one of the best things I’ve noticed is that they root for each other! They are so sweet to each other, congratulating others when they receive a positive point. Parents will also have access to their students daily behavior points. Along with giving points, I can also leave a quick note when parents might need more information about points. Another great feature of this website is the Class Story. The Class Story is much like a facebook feed, however only invited parents have access to the news feed. We have so much fun in kindergarten and this allows us to share these fun times with our families through pictures and videos.

This website also has a free app that can be downloaded on your smart phone. This is another great way for me to send out messages to parents and parents to message me. The app has a private message system that allows for quick and easy parent communication, as well as, access to daily behavior reports.

Click the link to the right to check out this great website!

Teacher's Wish List

In order for us to have so much fun in Kindergarten we may need some help throughout the year with extra supplies. As the year goes on I will put little notes in the newsletter to request the special items for projects. Please keep your eye out for these notes. Below you will see a list of things that will help us get our year started right. Any help with these items is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!

  • Micro fiber cosmetic pads
  • Shoe rack (new or used)
  • Command Hooks (small)
  • Command tabs (all sizes)
  • card stock (any color)
  • Sharpies
  • paper towels
  • 3 ring binders
  • Band aids