Mrs. Clifton's Class

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Frequently Asked Questions

in 2nd Grade

  • What is Community Collaboration Time (CC Time)?
  • Klondike 2nd Graders participate in weekly activities that involve our Academic Standards for Science, Social Studies and Health each week. All of the children are divided into groups that acquaint them with students from other 2nd grade classes, fostering the development of a strong community as a grade level. We rotate on a 5 week theme, and each group spends one week in each 2nd grade classroom learning about various thematic topics.

Who are the other 2nd Grade teachers?

  • We have a fantastic team of teachers: Mrs. Clifton, Mrs. Engle, Mrs. Schwecke, Mrs. Camarena, Mrs. Harris, and Mrs. Weaver.

How does the Spelling list work?

  • Each week your 2nd grader will bring home a Spelling list with 10 words. These words are chosen based on a Pre-Test given on Thursday of each week. A Post-Test will be given on Friday.

What Study Trips will my 2nd grader go on this year?

  • Purdue Convocation

Klondike Dental Care (We will walk across the street.)

  • Due to corporation policies our out of county field trip will be determined at a later date.