Digital Citizenship

Students spend a large portion of their time working on the computer, or other electronic devices. Digital Citizenship is just as important as classroom behavior. It’s our job as educators to ensure that students know and understand appropriate use of digital learning tools as well.

While using digital learning tools, students should:

  1. Remain focused and on task
  2. Be respectful of others
  3. Ensure appropriate content whenever possible
  4. If something inappropriate is viewed, notify the teacher
  5. Help others when they are struggling


Each student already has an email address that has been assigned them by the school district. Their email account has the capabilities of emailing anyone within the TSC domain, but not outside. This means, they can email teachers, and students within the district and no one else. I will work with the students at the start of the school year on email etiquette and how to perform such functions as Forwarding, Replying, Replying to All, and Carbon Copying.

Kindle Readers

Within the first couple of days of school, your student will be assigned a Kindle Reader they will be allowed to use throughout the course of the school year. These have been purchased with money that has been generously donated to the classroom. If the Kindle is damaged, or broken, it would be a very kind gesture on your part to replace it so that future students will have the opportunity to use them as well. They are outstanding learning tools, with a nice long battery life. I ask the students to be responsible for them, keep them charged and ready as we will be using them throughout the school day.

On the Kindles, there will be a small library of Ebooks. This library will occasionally be updated throughout the school year with new books for the students to read.


This year, the Tippecanoe School Corporation has gone 1-2-1 with Chromebooks in grades 3-12. Each student will be assigned their own personal Chromebook to use in the classroom only. They are not permitted to take them home. The Chromebooks are simple, educational tools that I will take time to train the students on proper use.