Supply List

2017/2018 4/5 High Ability Supply List


2-3 Pocket Folders

1 Inch binder

5 Composition Notebooks

1 Ream of copy paper

1 Pkg. 24 count Pencils (mechanical or regular)

4-8 Pens

2 Big Pkgs. of Expo Dry Erase Markers

White Board Eraser/Old Sock

1 Box Crayons (24 count) or 1 Box Colored Pencils (24 count)

1 Box Thin Markers (8 count)

1 Box of Sharpies Black or Random Colors (your choice)

1 Pair scissors*

2 Glue Sticks or Bottle Glue

1 Pkg. Highlighters

1 Ruler-metric & standard*

1 Small Simple Protractor*

1 Zip Supply Bag/Pencil Box

4 Pkgs. of Sticky Notes

* Please write name on these items only


Wireless mouse

Earbud headphones

Scotch tape



Subject Organizer Folder (Found at Staples)

Trapper Keepers

Whiteboard Spray

Single Hole Punch

Any type of Desk Organizers that you would like to use

If you would like to donate a bottle of Tempera paint (any color) or AA Batteries we would be grateful