Homework Policy

A Flipped Classroom

This year, I will be implementing what is known as a 'Flipped Classroom' for math. The students will be receiving their math instruction via self-created videos on YouTube. These videos can be watched in class, or at home, or anywhere! In class, they will be doing the majority of their math assignments, whether this is practice from the Math in Focus book, IXL activities, or Khan Academy lessons.

90% Rule for IXL

In an effort to curb past frustrations for both students and parents, I am implementing an official 90% rule this year on IXL for all lessons. Students need only reach 90% on IXL activities to receive full credit for graded lessons. Please, let me know if you have questions about this.

Homework: What to expect

An expectation on a regular evening would be for your child to watch a YouTube video for math which should take at most 10 minutes. While watching the video, I will ask them to take notes as these will help with their work later on. There may be some vocabulary work, but for the most part, they will have time in class to work on this, and then finally reading of their choice. They will have an AR goal to be working towards each 9 weeks in which they will receive a grade for. Most of this reading will be done independently.