Behavior and Expectations Policy

In my classroom, I expect students to adhere to expectations laid out in the Student Handbook. If there are behavior issues, I will handle the majority of them in class, directly. Many times, I will not even inform parents of issues, as I feel it is my job to handle things like this. If you are notified of something, please understand that more than likely the same behavior is being shown again and again. If this continues, I will make sure to inform Mrs. Wildoner so that she is aware of the ongoing behavior issue.

This year, we are going to try out a new positive behavior reinforcement program in the form of a web app. I've not used it before, but it is designed to reward students with points in a game based program.

The 7 Habits

This year, Dayton Elementary School is embarking on a new program based upon the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. This program is called The Leader in Me. We will be working with students throughout the course of the school year to help instill in them, skills needed to lead a successful life. These skills can also be used to guide students to make strong life choices, in turn helping to strengthen positive classroom behavior.