Guts, Resilience, Initiative, Tenacity


At Cole, we teach a new life-skill each week. My favorite by far is GRIT. My hope is by the end of this school year, your student will have the grit it is going to take to be successful.

I want your students to have the Guts to challenge themselves, The Resilience to overcome the setbacks that occur when you challenge yourself, The Initiative to put in the work that is required in order to improve, and most of all the Tenacity to stick with their challenges until they see success.

Success is an iceberg

Iceberg Illusion: Every day we talk about what it really takes to be successful.

Life Skills

These are the cornerstones of success at Cole Elementary. Each week we focus on a new skill and spend time throughout the week discussing what it means and how to apply it in our lives. I believe we are not just creating strong students, but also strong citizens. These life-skills are how we do it.