Mrs. Hays' Webpage

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Boys and Girls,

We will be busy growing, learning, making, and doing this year. We will meet new friends. We will become a family away from home. It's going to be great and I can't wait!

If you're curious about me, I am married with one daughter in high school (Go Mavs!!) and we live in a woods. We have a dog named Cuddles. Sometimes he is a good dog...Sometimes he thinks up trouble! I love chocolate, snow, laughter, and kindergarten!

Looking forward to the best year yet! Mrs. Hays

P.S. Watch the video below and talk with family members about what they remember about the first day of kindergarten! Have someone draw a heart on the palm of your hand on the first day of school, so you'll know that they are always close to you while you're at school.