Mr. Hawk's Schedule 2017-2018

Resource Room Policies – Mr. Hawk

We are doing things a little differently in my classroom this year. In place of the classroom store, we are going to have quarterly rewards parties. Students will work throughout each quarter to earn the quarterly party. Students are expected to:

  • Be Respectful
  • Try Hard

Grading Scale:

100-99% A+

98-93% A

92-90% A-

89-88% B+

87-83% B

82-80% B-

79-78% C+

77-73% C

72-70% C-

69-68% D+

67-63% D

62-60% D-

Below 60% F

Please Note: A student may receive a modified grade for a modified assignment. If this is the case, this information will be communicated to parent or guardians in advance.