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8th Grade Waiver Form

Tutorial Link for entering Course Selections in INOW/Chalkable home portal: http://bit.ly/HTHSCourseSelectionProcess

Our Guidance Office offers many resources to help students plan their four years at HTHS.

  • Current HTHS students have access to Family Connections (Current Grades 9-12). This resource offers ACT prep, Career Exploration Surveys, scholarships, as well as college connections. Please see this presentation for additional information regarding this resource: http://bit.ly/HTHSGuidance
  • Kuder is a resource that allows 8th-grade students to complete their four-year plans during Career Prep A. Students and parents have their own log-in information for this resource.
  • Please see our Guidance Office Link for additional information: http://bit.ly/HTHSGuidanceResourcePage
  • INOW recommend using Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (For IE9 and IE10 make sure your browser settings are set to view in Compatibility Mode).
    • INOW is not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Please make sure Pop-Up Blocker is turned off.
  • With other internet browsers parents may be able to get into Parent Portal but may not be able to see all screens. That could be corrected with security settings but INOW does not support those browsers to determine the changes needed to gain access.