Our Hillcrest Mission

Vision, Mission & Beliefs

We stand for making everyone physically, mentally and emotionally safe.

Hillcrest is a community where everyone: LEARNS - ACHIEVES - CONTRIBUTES

Our school will be dynamic learning community of responsible individuals who strive for excellence and contribute to society.

We believe:

Education is the key to success

Diversity lends strength to the learning process

Uniqueness is recognized and supported

Curricula must be continually updated

All students can succeed

Technology is a tool to enhance learning

Instruction is geared to the needs of the student

Opportunities for learning are everywhere

No student shall be left behind

Hillcrest Mission Statement

The Hillcrest community seeks to promote excellence through high expectations and appropriate learning activities that will enhance the lives of all students, encourage responsibility, and advocate accountability to enable them to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful, contributing members of a changing global society.

Trumbull Public Schools Mission Statement

The Trumbull Public Schools, in partnership with the community, strives to meet the educational needs of all students within a challenging and supportive academic environment that empowers each student to become a life-long learner and to live and participate in a democratic diverse and global society.

If your child has been a target of anything MEAN, let us know.