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It is the policy of the Trumbull Board of Education to ensure that all students receive high quality, scientific, research-based general education core instruction and, as appropriate, strategic and intensive intervention supports matched to student needs. The District utilizes the core principles of the Response to Intervention (RTI) process, as embodied in Connecticut’s Framework for RTI, “Using Scientific Research-Based Interventions: Improving Education for All Students,” which combines systematic assessment, decision-making and a multi-tiered delivery model to improve educational and behavioral outcomes for all students.

The Board of Education recognizes that the provision of academic and behavioral supports and targeted interventions for students who are not making academic progress at expected levels in the general curriculum may improve a student’s performance and help avert the need for referral for possible classification as a student with a disability. Therefore, the District will implement, on a school-wide basis, practices appropriate to enable all of the District’s students to succeed in the general education environment.

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Using Scientific Research Based interventions: Improving Education for All Students