PowerSchool 10.0

This latest release contains significant new features and enhancements that extend functionality, eliminate disparity, and streamline operations.

Key enhancements include:

PowerTeacher Pro (see video below)

PowerTeacher Pro goes far beyond any gradebook on the market. It seamlessly accommodates both standards-based and traditional grading and includes options to view student data graphically to quickly interpret trends in performance for the individual student, whole class, or all classes. Access PowerTeacher pro any time, from any device with an internet connection: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks. Its user-friendly interface puts everything right at the teacher’s fingertips to make entering and accessing information faster than ever before, so teachers can spend more time with students.

Graduation Planner

PowerSchool’s Graduation Planner has been enhanced to allow a high degree of flexibility in planning and tracking the graduation path for students. Waivers and alternate requirement options are fast and easy while data remains consistent and reliable.

Assessment and Analytics

PowerSchool Assessment and Analytics are available from within PowerTeacher Pro. Analyze formative assessment data and gain insight into the student’s level of understanding at any given time, and track achievement over time to manage learning at the school and district level.

Mobile Apps

PowerSchool Mobile Apps have improved utility with added accommodation for the vision impaired. Parents and students receive push notifications alerting them to updates, empowering parents to stay engaged and informed, and students can stay on track for success. Additionally, trending indicators can be enabled or disabled based on individual preference to display the information parents or students want to see.

Enterprise Reporting Preview Release

PowerSchool Enterprise Reporting, currently available as a preview release, allows you to access actionable data via ad hoc and pre-built interactive reports. Enjoy extreme flexibility to customize your reports to best fit your needs, and view in a variety of ways to easily visualize and recognize significant trends.