Who is Makerfest for?

You, of course! Makerfest is for all people regardless of age and interest. A parent described it to us in the first year this way: "This is everything a kid could want to do all in one place." Then she added, "Actually, it's everything an adult could want to do, too!" You don't just attend makerfest; you immerse yourself in it and become part of it. You can build, create, discuss, collaborate, challenge, inquire, solve, and laugh with wild abandon, on your own, with friends and family, or with folks you've never met.

If it's free, why should I register?!

Thanks to generous sponsors who cover the costs of set up, equipment, and materials (and sometimes competition prizes), our event is free to both attendees and makers. Pre-registration helps us estimate our attendees so we know how many sponsorships we need to cover costs. It will also allow us to contact you with information leading up to the event. We will never take advantage of your contact information by sending excessive messages unrelated to the event nor share that information with anyone else!

BONUS: pre-registrants who print and drop off their form at Makerfest go into a drawing for one of ten cool tech prizes. Last year we gave away $500 worth of robotics, electronics, toys, and maker books (many thanks to Barnes and Noble for the discount)!