We are nearing the end of the third nine weeks! Congratulations to your students; we are almost at the finish line. However, I am still missing several assignments. Your students have been given the opportunity today in all of my classes to make up any missing work, and students will be eligible to turn in work up to Friday, March 19th at 3:30. After that, grades must be cut off. Please speak with your students about any extra missing work.


Mr. Shook



Please be aware that I am missing several virtual assignments from the first three weeks of the third nine weeks. Students have been made aware of the assignments they are missing, and grades in Chalkable have been updated*. If you see a 1.00 or a 2.00 on an assignment, that means that the assignment is missing and has not been completed (2.00 meaning some work has been completed but not all). Please be aware that I have informed the students that they have until 11:59 p.m. Friday, February 19 to complete the assignments. All assignments can be completed at home via Schoology, and I have afternoon tutoring for ETA on Wednesday. Any work from these first three weeks that are not completed will be given a 0.00 in the gradebook, and it will not be changed. Here are the assignments and the dates in which they were assigned:

1/22: Weekly Check In (Two Daily Check Ins from Week 1)

1/22: Jekyll and Hyde Chapters 5-8 Reading Quiz

1/27: Two Face Project

1/28: Weekly Check In 2 (Two Daily Check Ins from Week 2)

2/1: Newspaper Project

2/05: Novel Text

*Novel Test has not been finalized in the computer. Novel Test grades will be updated by end of day Thursday, 2/11.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at shookk@troyschools.net or call my office phone at 334-566-5770 ext. 4106.

Thank you,

Mr. Shook


The students have a reading quiz based on chapters 5-8 of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The quiz will be open until 11:59 p.m., and the students must take the quiz on their school-issued Chromebooks. The quiz utilizes a lockdown browser which is only accessible via Chromebook.

Good morning, everyone! As we begin our 3rd nine weeks, I have a few quick announcements to share with everyone:

1) We will be having a reading quiz assigned Friday morning based on chapters 5-8 on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. On Wednesday, we will finalize discussion on chapter 8, and on Thursday, we will review all four chapters.

2) Do not forget, students, that even though we are virtual, you are still eligible to get school lunch if you need it! Just have your parents or guardians call the front office by 8:30 every morning to place your name and reserve your meal. You can call the front office at this number: 334-566-5770. Lunch pickup is from 11:00--1:00.

3) Every day I will upload a video to Schoology, and every day I will post the Zoom link for our class on Schoology. I will be available on Zoom from 8:50-9:35 Monday through Friday for any discussions students would like to have regarding the English material. I will then hop back on from 10:50-11:05 for my journalism and reading intervention classes for the same purposes.

4) Expect a short quiz at the conclusion of each video that demonstrates you've watched each video.

I'm looking forward to tackling these next weeks with you all!

Mr. Shook

Class overview

Over the course of this school year, we will be exploring four major works in depth in order to practice our skills in literary analysis; we will read other, more "minor" works to supplement. Of course, we will also be getting plenty of grammar practice in as well! Writing is both an art and a science, and I am looking forward to helping you further master this craft.


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