MONDAY, May 22ND 11:00am

Requirements for participation:

· You must be passing the 8th grade (no more than one F)

· All fees paid (previous year fees, band, library, lost/damaged textbook, and cafeteria) by May 16th.

· All textbooks turned in by May 15th.


· Girls:

o Sunday-appropriate solid white or off-white dresses or skirt set

o Neckline must be above the bust.

o Length must be 2“ above the knee or longer.

o Solid material of dress must cover from above the bust to 2” above the knee. Lace overlay or other transparent material does not count in the length.

o Absolutely no strapless dresses, or spaghetti straps;

a white sweater may be worn over strapless dresses or dresses with spaghetti straps. Straps must be 1 ½ wide or wider. Dresses with lace or transparent tops must have 1 ½ inch or wider straps.

o Appropriate shoes that you can walk in; no flip flops or boots.

· Boys:

o White button-up shirt; no lines or designs

o Tie or bowtie

o Dress pants: khaki, navy, or black (Not Joggers)

o Belt: black, brown, or navy blue

o Appropriate dress shoes – no tennis shoes or boots.

o No jackets, vests, suspenders, or hats


· THURSDAY, May 18th

· Be here by 2:00

· This is mandatory! You must be here.

May 22nd Program at 11:00

· Come to school dressed and ready for the program. If you are not dressed properly, you will not participate.

· Arrive here by 10:00

· Go to the cafeteria

All Fees must be paid by May 16th!