Our Philosophy

Using music performance as our means, our primary aim is to facilitate our students' growth as individuals who better understand the world around them, how they wish to interact with the world, and ultimately how they want to improve it. To do so, our program focuses on the student as a whole and strives to develop interpersonal connection, communication, and collaboration.

We believe music helps students connect to themselves as a healthy means to process and communicate emotions. We believe participation in choir helps students connect to others through the development of interpersonal skills. We believe music provides a lens to examine other cultures, time periods, and perspectives, leading to improved communication and collaboration. We believe participation in choir leads to more self-awareness, perseverance, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

We use music as a platform to challenge students to be their best and to become changemakers in their here and now.


of admissions officers of the nation's major universities say high school credit and achievement in the arts are significant considerations for admission.


points scored higher on the SAT for students involved in public school music programs according to the college entrance examination board.


Lewis Thomas, physician and biologist, found that music majors comprise the highest percentage of accepted medical students.