Troop 941

Wente 2022

Through the Boy Scouts of Amercia program, Troop 941 and it's members have strengthened bonds, created friends, and learned many useful skills. We're a part of the Golden Gate Area Council, in the Twin Valley District, with out charter organization being VFW Post 6298 in Pleasanton.

Our staff largely contribute towards positive aspects in the troop.

Our Eagles!

Where And When Do We Meet?

We meet every Monday at Ridgeview Hope Church

5901 Coronado Lane, Pleasanton, CA (Excluding the first Monday of the month).

Our meetings start at 7:00 PM, and usually end from 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM. During out meetings, we do fun activities, including challenges, games, and more, also allowing Scouts to socialize, and progress in advancement on their journey to the esteemed Eagle Rank!

Be up - to - date on everything in Troop 941!

The Patrol System.

Our Scout troop is split up into patrols, currently including 8 of them. Each patrol consists of 10 - 12 boys, every patrol does activities with its members during troop meetings, and can hold patrol meetings when all patrol members are available, dedicated towards a variety of topics. Every six months, through a voting proccess, a leader for every patrol is elected(Patrol Leader/PL) along with an Assistant Patrol Leader(APL). Along with this, a leader for the troop as a whole is appointed as well, known as the Senior Patrol Leader(SPL).

Webelos and new boys who join our troop in early spring are put in "New Scout" patrols, who are led by Troop Guides(experienced older Scouts). At the end of summer, the new scout patrols are dissolved, and the scouts will be merged into the various regular patrols.

Where do I join?

If you would like to join Scouting, interested Youth and visiting parents are welcome to attend any of our meetings, and you can talk to our Scoutmaster to go through the enrollment process.  Inquiries can be sent to

We hope to see you there!