Tree Lot

The Tree Lot opens Black Friday (November 23, 2018).

This is the Troop 129's annual fundraiser. The money raised each year sends the boys in the Troop to Summer camp, High Adventure and covers the campsite fees for a monthly camping trip. It also provides money to purchase supplies and gear for camping.

Every scout in the Troop participates in this fundraiser as well as the parents and guardians. While our Troop is boy lead we do need adult involvement to make this annual fundraiser a success.

Signups will open soon so you can select the shifts you and your scout would like to work. A minimum number of slots will be announced and everyone is expected to fulfill that requirement. Each year we have Scouts that are very excited to meet members of the community and love getting out there to sell. Those Scouts working or exceeding set number of hours will have the opportunity to earn additional tree lot credits.