Climathon Trondheim

Global klimadugnad for byer

Climathon er en 24-timers ”hackathon” med klimafokus som finner sted simultant i byer rundt omkring i verden. Arrangementet inviterer alle innovatørene til en idéutviklingsdugnad for å løse byenes klimautfordringer.

Trondheim kommune tok arrangementansvar i 2016 og 2017.

The Climathon movement

Climathon is a global 24-hour climate change hackathon which will take place simultaneously in major cities around the world. It brings together the challenges of the world’s cities with the people who have the passion and ability to solve them.

Trondheim was city host in 2016 and 2017.


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CLIMATHON 2017: Smart Energy Solutions in Historic Urban Environment

Climathon 2017 took place on October 27-28 and proved a success yet again with a record number of cities, participants and online engagement:

  • 104 cities, 45 countries, 6 continents, 6,500 participants
  • 6 Nordic cities (Malmö, Lund, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Oslo, Trondheim)
  • 19,000 social media posts and 33 million absolute reach!

How do we bring smart and climate-friendly energy solutions to the historic urban environment while preserving the cultural-historic values? Trondheim is a historic city with a large number of cultural monuments and protected buildings. We invited innovators to co-design smart solutions for improving the energy performance of the historic buildings and quarters without interfering with the cultural-historic features.

Partners for Climathon Trondheim 2017: Trondheim kommune, NTNU Sustainability, NTNU Accel, TrønderEnergi and Technoport

Invitation from Morten Wolden, Chief City Executive in Trondheim, and Gunnar Bovim, the Rector of NTNU

Old buildings and new technologies, do they have room for each other? The answer should be YES! Climathon Trondheim 2017 focused on an important issue for the Municipal Conservation Office. The 26 participants should co-create good solutions for Brattørveita and Nerbyen area in Midtbyen.

The multidisciplinary approach worked, and the 24h-intensiveness seemed rewarding for the innovation process. Six ideas were pitched, and the jury got a challenging task! The three winning teams were DBP, BatteryPark and Charging Ahead. DBP proposed to make a digital service manual which consolidates data from multiple sources to empower owners and residents of historical buildings to make the best decisions. Their prize is free incubation at Watts Up for three months. All three teams gets free tickets to Technoport conference 2018 where they will present their idea and its development after Climathon.

Media coverage

09.10.2017 - Trondheim 2030 - 24 timers maraton med klimainnovasjon

12.10.2017 - Byggindustrien, - Klimadugnad for verneverdige bygg

25.10.2017 - Under Dusken - Idédugnad for en energieffektiv by

27.10.2017 - NRK Trøndelag radio - Klimadugnad i Trondheim

27.10.2017 - Adresseavisa - «Døgner» for å finne energiløsninger

17.11.2017 - Trondheim 2030 - Den beste idéen fra Climathon utvikles videre

CLIMATHON 2016: Zero-Emission Knowledge Axis

In 2016, Climathon took place in 59 cities across 6 continents, creating over 2330 ideas and reaching 16.8 million people worldwide. See Climathon 2016 highlights

Trondheim was the only Norwegian city participating, and the northernmost city of Climathon 2016!

The participants from different background gathered to co-create MEASURABLE, INTEGRATED and ENGAGING solutions to reduce the CO2-emissions from the transport sector in the Knowledge Axis and the city beyond.

Partners for Climathon Trondheim 2016: Trondheim kommune, NTNU, Technoport

Invitation from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to Climathon Trondheim 2016

Project leader:

Chin-Yu Lee, Miljøenheten, +47-90197323