Les Fifres de Flandre, Duinkerke, France

The association "Fifres et Tambours de Flandre" has existed since 1988, its main purpose is the development of fife and traditional music. It's a small association. She contributed to the development of the Grande Synthe carnival and definitely assured the presence of the fife at the feasts of Saint Martin. Little known to the Dunkirk, it has distinguished itself outside our region in festivals such as maritime gatherings or festivals of the southern regions. In 1992, the association, and mainly the group "De Kust Broeders" which represents it, is distinguished by winning the "Golden Fife" supreme reward of the instrument. Its members are composed of personalities from varied backgrounds such as folk, harmony, variety orchestra or carnival. Its president, Christophe Denys, assured from 1990 to 2010 the management of the band of Dunkerque and from 1986 to 2009, that of the band of Grande Synthe.