Eidgenössisches Feldspiel, Dürrennäsch, Switzerland

In 2007, the pre-study was launched as a "field game". In December 2008, the CD AMOS 3240 - Traditional Swiss Federation was founded in cooperation with the CompZen Military Music. Drum and whistling marches and signals. The project is a purely civilian project and is open to all members of the STPV.

2010 a real field game with historical costumes, instruments and field steps under the umbrella of the Swiss Tambour- und Pfeiferverband STPV was created. This formation had its premiere at the OLMA 2010 in St. Gallen. The second major performance was performed in July 2011 at the Festival International du Tambour et de la Musique in Saint-Brieuc, Brittany (F).


1. The care of the Swiss whistling and drumming music from the baroque and the classical period.

2. Training and education of Piccolo and Nato players.

3. The field game is supposed to carry out experiments with instruments and literature and become a kind of national whistling and drumming musician guild. New impetus for the improvement of the instruments and the Swiss whistle and trombone literature. The participants can contribute their knowledge and receive an extension of their own abilities. These experiments are defined with the musicians of the field game.

Participation in various events in Switzerland and France.

(F) 2011, Cernier (CH) 2011, St. Gallen (CH, OLMA 2010 and 2013), Basel (Tattoo Parade 2013, 2015 and 2016), Winery Festival Neuchâtel (2016)