We've got the tools... will you be our Super Hero?

SAVE THE DATE: Superhero Saturday

October 19, 2019

Washington Irving Elementary School

749 S. Oakley Blvd.

8 am - Registration

8:30 am - Welcome Rally

9am-Noon - Neighborhood Cleanup

Noon - 1 pm - Lunch

Please also thank and support our generous donors. When you go visit them, find a manager, and please tell them you appreciate them supporting Tri-Taylor:

Aloha Wagon,

Alonti Catering

Bacci Pizza

Chicago Flower Shop,

Christ Disciples Baptist Church,


Conte di Savoia,


Dark Matter Coffee

Dominic Deleo,

Dope Chick Gang Salon

Dr. Pepper, 7Up Bottling Company of Chicago,

Ferrara Bakery,



Lowe’s Wicker Park

Mariano’s South Loop

Smiling Sole

Slide Tavern

The UPS Store on Taylor

Victory Lane Car Wash


2018 Mission Clean & Green

Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls. -- David Thomas

Dear Tri-Taylor “Green” Heroes,

On behalf of the Tri-Taylor Community Association, WE THANK YOU. You made Mission: Clean & Green, the Tri-Taylor Community Spring Cleanup, a great success. We are deeply grateful for your time, energy, positive, determined spirits, and your hard work.

Something wonderful happened Saturday. A few hundred neighbors, our friends, and supporters, including businesses, churches, and schools came together as volunteers and donors to fulfill the mission to clean up the Tri-Taylor neighborhood. In small groups, we worked together to clean the public spaces from Congress to Roosevelt and Ogden to Maplewood. You made a huge difference.

The neighborhood looks great. Clean neighborhoods are beautiful, safer, and lift spirits. We’re already hearing from people who saw your work, and others who are asking to join us next time.

A special thank you to:

Alderman Jason Ervin and 28th Ward Superintendent Gary Thomas for loaning us the tools, on behalf of the City of Chicago, and extraordinary measures to help us with set up and return.

Washington Irving Principal, Narineh Gharashor and staff, for graciously opening the school to host the event, as we continue to strengthen the relationship with the school and community.

The MISSION: Clean & Green Planning Committee, Registration and Team Captains

These individuals worked hard, several since January, to help. They attended meetings, passed out flyers, recruited Team Captains and volunteers, helped map the plan and solicited donations:

Communications Director Susan Tyson, Board Chairman, Greg Kirsch, Captains of the Team Captains, Brad Apland, Charlie Gunn and Dominick Zotta, and the team -- Litsa Adamov, Jack Alkire, Chaltrese Bazile, Anika Benink, Steve Brison, Cory Brown, Rebecca Hendrick, Ahmed Magdy, Malinda Mills, Joe Perez, Shirley Peters, Cindy Silva, Nick Smeeding, Rev. David Triplett, Lula Wallace-White,

Registration: Gloria A., Chaltrese Bazile, Trinity Bazile, Cory Brown, Susan Tyson, Lula Wallace-White.

Team Captains: Litsa Adamov, Jack Alkire, Brad Apland - Captain of the Captains; Kevin Brennan, Steve Brison, Jose De LaToree, Charlie Gunn, Bryan Hsueh, Greg Kirsch, Mali Mills, Therese Newman, Joe Perez, Sal Silva, Nick Smeeding, Pastor David Triplett, Dominick Zotta.

Event Day Pick Up, Rolando Ayala for transferring trash to designated locations for city pick up, and Gary Thomas for clearing the streets of our hard work.

If you know these people or see them around the neighborhood, please give them a pat on the back, and thank them for working hard to clean up the home we all share.

Thank you for supporting Chicago’s city-wide Neighborhood Beautification Day. Thank you for recognizing Earth Day. Thank you for supporting MISSION: Clean & Green, and cleaning up the Tri-Taylor neighborhood, our piece of the great city of Chicago, and our part of planet Earth. You are True Heroes!

We hope you can join us for Super Hero Saturday, the Fall Tri-Taylor Community Cleanup.

Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you have our best wishes.

Best Regards,

Dayna E. Stinson

Tri-Taylor Community Association Board Member

Chair, MISSION: Clean & Green


On behalf of Super Hero Saturday Co-Chair, Cory Brown, Communications Director Susan Tyson, Tri-Taylor Community Association (TTCA) Board Chairman, Greg Kirsch, and the TTCA Board, THANK YOU. We are thrilled and deeply grateful to each and every volunteer who signed up and especially those who came out, despite the rain. It was so exciting to see so many Tri-Taylor residents and partners engage -- even simply willing to engage -- to help and support our wonderful neighborhood. By noon, Friday, 194 of you had registered to help in the Tri-Taylor volunteer neighborhood cleanup. By Saturday, despite the rainy and cold conditions, more than 130 of you still showed up and stepped up with the commitment, determination,skill, and courage of true Superheroes. You valiantly worked through the conditions to clean up the Washington Irving Elementary School grounds, and the entire Tri-Taylor neighborhood. Volunteers worked from Congress to Roosevelt, and Ogden past Campbell. 28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin addressed the rally. For the organizers, it has been an honor and privilege to serve you.

This was an important moment for Tri-Taylor. We are grateful to the Washington Irving Interim Principal, Narineh Gharashor for opening the school doors to the community to serve as the base of operations. We are building an exciting community connection with the school.

The city loaned us rakes, shovels, and brooms. (*Ward Supervisor, Gary Thomas will have crews pick up the trash bags tomorrow, Monday.) Lowe’s Wicker Park donated buckets and work gloves. Please make it a point to support Lowe’s and our other sponsors, who stepped up like Super Heroes to help Tri-Taylor: Alonti Catering, Bacci Pizza, Corey Black, Chicago Eats, 28th Ward Streets and Sanitation, Christ Disciples Baptist Church, (for bringing volunteers, and donating refreshment stations for the volunteers as they worked,) Classic Barber Shop, Chicago Police Districts 11 and 12, Costco Wholesale, Dark Matter Coffee, Dominic Deleo, Dope Chick Gang Salon, Ferrara Bakery, Jarabe Mexican Street Food, Mariano’s, Ryhana’sCuisine, The Slide Ride and Slide Bar, Smiling Sole, Linda Tiffen-Mascorrro, DDS, The Flower Shop of Chicago, The UPS Store on Taylor, and Walgreens. Please support these businesses, and tell them you’re from Tri-Taylor!

Several of you may have seen the Super Hero Saturday coverage on CBS2 last night, and again, this morning. We’re thankful and delighted they covered our story. They were fascinated that “caped crusaders” were still willing to come out and work, in the rain. They called and asked: “Are you still going out there? Are people really wearing capes?” The answer: “Absolutely,” and they came. I wish they could have captured every team. Each team deserved recognition for their hard work and incredible service.

The quotes they didn’t use, include what I will share now: “We are so excited that so many volunteers stepped up like Super Heroes, despite the rain. We are grateful - building bridges and strengthening ties with the support of our Tri-Taylor businesses, Washington Irving and area schools, churches and residents; from retirees to students and young families. We’re picking up trash, sweeping, raking leaves, whacking weeds and working to ensure our neighborhood is clean and safe. This is Super Hero Saturday, and they are true Super Heroes. We are Tri-Taylor proud!” We are. Amazed, grateful and proud, of the Super Hero Saturday volunteers.

Again, thank you for your willingness to serve as a Tri-Taylor Super Hero! We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and hope to see you in April, for the annual “Clean and Green,” Chicago’s City-Wide Neighborhood Beautification Day, in recognition of Earth Day. The city has not yet confirmed the date, but it’s likely Saturday, April 21. We’ll keep you posted.

Best Regards,

Dayna E. Stinson

Tri-Taylor Community Association Board Member

Super Hero Saturday Co-Chair