What to Expect

Initial Contact

Whether you call, email, or complete the "Contact Us" form on the website to reach out to us, the process is typically the same. Our Supervising Counselor, Kyle D McCall, MEd, LPC, will be your initial point of contact; though we try to return interactions within 2 business days as our policy, life events do sometimes occur, and we apologize if this ever happens.

Kyle, being the Supervising Counselor, will provide a brief consultation to establish appropriate fit for you and your situation (not all counseling situations are appropriate for all counselors). Upon determining appropriate fit, Kyle will encourage a face-to-face consultation with he and any other providers he feels most appropriate to be assigned as your Personal Provider of care and treatment. During this consultation, further evaluation of the dynamics between you and your Personal Provider will determine comfort levels and allow you to share your story and struggles while we share with you possible treatment options for your care.

Calling a Counselor
Starting Counseling

First Session

During your initial consultation, your first appointment will be scheduled along with instructions for setting up your Client Portal online where you will be prompted to complete all intake paperwork at your leisure; however, you are encouraged to complete these documents prior to your intake appointment to use that face-to-face time the most effective way possible.

The 1-1 1/2 hour intake session will consist of a complete Diagnostic Assessment/Psychosocial History evaluation. This is a fancy term in the world of Mental Health to describe what you are going through, past and present, and this gives your Personal Provider a complete understanding of the best approaches and the best suited treatment and care for you as an individual (if you've tried something in the past, we don't want to spend your valuable time trying it again; we'd rather move on to something new).

You and your Personal Provider will also discuss and agree on Tentative Treatment Goals. These will be your plan of action until your next appointment where you will work on establishing your permanent goals for treatment.

Treatment Goals Session(s)

Typically the 2nd and possibly 3rd session(s) are where the Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is created with you. This is our roadmap of goals; this is where we start sorting the puzzle pieces by "edge-pieces" and color.

Sometimes Individuals view this a tedious and taking up too much time, but this is an essential part of any treatment. If you have received services in the past in any capacity, Case Management, Counseling, Psychiatry, etc., you have had an ISP then too, but we just allow you to be a part of the planning process and want to remain as transparent as possible.

Pet Therapy

Follow-up Sessions

Your counseling is not a cookie cutter experience; this is a process that involves you as an Individual like it has involved other Individuals. Their experience will not be yours, and there is no way to place an exact timeline on treatment. We at Triple Willow practice Person Centered and Goal Orientated Therapy, often utilized in a Brief Therapy model. This means we are doing everything to meet you where you are in your journey and focus on working towards the goals you set in your ISP. That's how we see progress.

We project Counseling can take anywhere around 6 months to a year, but this is also not all weekly sessions; we try to taper sessions down to gradually allow you to utilize the tools and skills learned in sessions independently.

Weekly sessions typically take place for the first month, and then progress is evaluated to determine whether or not more or less frequent sessions would be most appropriate. Keep in mind you will always be apart of these decisions, and we will never force burden upon you (financial or otherwise).