How to Donate?

  • Monetary contributions to TWMH are always appreciated for maintaining operations. One of the options to exchange funds through donations is by means of PayPal; feel free to select the PayPal.Me link to the left.
  • Items may also be donated to TWMH; these include, but are not limited to:
    • Office supplies (pens, copier paper, dry erase markers, computers, furniture, etc.)
    • Therapeutic supplies (play-therapy toys, art/crafting supplies, A/V equipment, etc.)
    • Operations supplies (hygiene paper, hand soap, tissues, coffee, creamer, water, etc.)
    • Patient assistance supplies (strollers, backpacks, school supplies, etc.) From time-to-time, our patients find themselves in tough situations and in need of daily items we can take for granted; by donating items to TWMH, we can reallocate these items to best serve your community and those in needs.

***A detailed disclosure of appropriate usage of funds will be made available below upon completion of each fiscal year.***


Being mindful how you shop through, you could have Amazon donate to us. By selecting the link to the right, and continuing to visit "" prior to shopping, a percentage of your purchase will be donated from Amazon directly to Triple Willow Mental Health, Inc providing you with an Annual Receipt of Donation and eliminating any need for bookkeeping on either of our ends.

Triple Willow Mental Health Clinic, Inc as a 501c3 (Public Charity):

TWMH is a non-profit Mental Health Clinic dedicated to serving your community through treatment, education, & preparing Providers & Consumers for success through education & quality care.

TWMH is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522; under IRC Section 170, Donors can deduct contributions made to TWMH.