Internship & Residency

Students & Recent Graduates;

If you're working towards graduating with your Master's or seeking Licensure Residency, you have to acquire clinical hours. At Triple Willow, we offer a Residency Program designed specifically to prepare fully competent CLINICAL professionals in launching their independent careers. It is an inspiring, challenging, and rewarding method of Licensure preparation for Counselor and Social Workers alike. Spots are limited to client need, so Contact us to inquire further. We look forward to speaking with you.

Test Preparation Only

If you have a residency, and would like to seek additional support in preparing for you licensure examination, we can help with that. We offer in-person and online prep courses through the same Google Classroom method with supportive live video instruction. Contact our educational department for information about this service and how to acquire your access to training and resources for your test.


Though we have positions for Clinical Residents, you do not have to receive Clinical Supervision from us. You are allowed to seek outside supervision and still acquire your hours at Triple Willow with our clients.


Educational interns will receive direct supervision from onsite staff whom require approval from your education establishment and Professors, possibly the Department Head depending on your program.

Education During Residency

Residencies require a Board-approved Supervisor to provide regular supervision. In hopes of finding a great supervisor, Residents should learn about their lisencure requirements, testing preparation, and clinical skills to expand their comfort and confidence while in sessions with individuals.

Training Tools

We use Google Classroom to develop courses, provide materials, and introduce theoretical knowledge to our Students and Residents. Whether you're taking the NCE or ASWB tests for Virginia, we have the test preparations, educational material, and Instruction available to you from anywhere through your account. Regardless if you are taking your board certification exam or your comps test from graduation, you will be prepared to take your test with regular supervision.

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