Employee Assistance Program

What is an EAP?

Triple Willow Mental Health’s (TWMH) Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential Work & Life resource to aid benefit packages’ cost and effectiveness. We provide short-term counseling, consultation, referral source, and company seminars. EAPs have helped thousands of employers offer their employees a resource to put their problems in perspective so they get the help needed to be happy and productive at work.

How do EAPs cut costs and save money for employers?

The US Department of Labor reported, depending on company size, for every $1 invested into an EAP a returned savings guaranteed to range between $10-$26 every year. A five-year investment, varied over several companies, also produced a savings between $1,750 per employee and a total $65,341 for companies with 200-500 employees.

EAPs present a savings through improving retention rates, increasing drug-free workplaces, and reducing sick leave. These factors translate into a reduction of on-the-job accidents (and loss of time accident related), lowered costs for recruitment and training, reduced absenteeism, lowered costs for Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and a reduction in lost time/costs for alcohol/drug related hospitalization.

What sets Triple Willow Mental Health apart from other EAP providers?

At Triple Willow Mental Health, though we are located in the Greater Richmond Area, we are also credentialed in distance counseling; employees can call in for telephone or video conferencing (convenient if you have other locations). We also understand how mental health affects individuals without prejudice, and how that can affect personal and work lives.

Beyond our locality, the need for individualized mental health and our desire to help those in need, we also understand the cost and insurance complications presented by today’s continued stigmas associated with mental health issues.

The EAP program at Triple Willow Mental Health offers options to not expose or (in some cases) not require a Diagnosis/Diagnoses for treatment consent; which otherwise could be professionally crippling to those in the Public Service, Medical, or Military fields.

Ethically and professionally, Triple Willow Mental Health will operate with theoretically sound approaches from a diagnostic model, and this information remains in confidence between the employee and Counselor.

The Triple Willow EAP advantage:

we’re LOCAL, flexible, and effective


Triple Willow Mental Health is local in the Commonwealth. Virginia is for Lovers, keep your business and Privacy local.


Scheduling is online through our HIPAA secure Client Portal; schedule, pay, complete documents all from your home computer. All information is confidential from your employer.

Childcare is available during sessions when pre-arranged during scheduling your appointment.


Telephone, video, in-person at our offices, in-person on-site, extended, & weekend hours available.