Hello! Thanks for taking the online class for the Whys & Wonders of Worship!

There are four pages for you to work in. One for each week of the series. The Bible class is based on the sermon of that week. Please note, a video copy of the sermon is available to you if you did not get a chance to hear it in church. There is also a link to the sermon text if you would prefer to read it.


Click to open the page related to each week's lesson and find the online form. Answer the questions, to the best of your ability. Click submit when you are finished. There, you did it!

You can compare your answers with the answers found on the leader’s guide at the bottom of each page. There is also an opportunity to share comments or questions with the Pastors before you submit your responses.

Please, don't stress about this. Try to have fun with it! Of course, we pray that, as with all of our Bible class formats, you will find the time you spend in the word feeds and strengthens your faith. May God bless this new effort!