Keep Working

As we work to remain operational during this evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) response, here are some key steps and actions to take when shifting from working in the office to working from home. We may be physically apart, but we're Moving Forward TUgether.

⚠️ Regardless of whether or not you can continue doing your job remotely from home, you will continue to be paid in the normal way. We are optimistic this crisis will be relatively short term and allow us to return to normal operations soon.

Our Commitment to You

Trinity is a committed, close knit community. With many offices modifying operations and utilizing telework schedules in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this page has been established to provide information for employees and supervisors on working remotely and help the University to "Keep Working." As conditions change, this page will be regularly updated.

Getting Started with Remote Work

Step 1:
Fill out the Telecommuting Acknowledgement Form.

This form must be completed by all staff employees prior to working from home.

⚠️ Faculty have the discretion to work remotely to fulfill their professional obligations, which includes teaching courses. Faculty do not need supervisor approval to work remotely.

Step 2:
Get in touch with your supervisor for guidance and direction.

Your supervisor has the discretion to reassign work duties and you will need to follow his/her guidance and direction.

See Tips for Remote Work >

Step 3:
View employee checklists.

Basic guidance and important things to remember while working remotely.

See Employment Resources >

Step 4:
Keep Working. Use the Resource Guide to help your daily work.

We've armed you with key resources, strategies, and tips to help you get started. See our Resource Guide below for more specific details.

Employee Resources

What's inside:
Keep Working through available online Trinity services. Contains "How-To" information on common everyday Trinity functions from key campus offices.

What's inside:
COVID-19 health coverage information through Aetna resources, Campus and Community Resources, and the Employee Assistance Program.

What's inside:
Information about Trinity employment for supervisors, contract staff, classified staff, and student employees.

What's inside:
Tips, guidelines, and policies about how to stay safe and secure during COVID-19.

What's inside:
Successful tips and tricks for managing remote work in a new environment.

What's inside:
Trinity policies in response to COVID-19.

What's Inside:
Messages from the campus community related to COVID-19 updates and changes.

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