Heirs of the past. Stewards of the future.

Join us throughout the year as we celebrate this historic milestone.

While we are many and diverse, the spirit of Trinity is a shared story of resiliency, of enterprising students, faculty, staff, and alumni who see opportunity where others see adversity. We are pioneers who once saw a skyline campus where others saw only a rock quarry. We are indeed heirs of a storied past and stewards of a promising future.

This is our legacy and one we will commemorate throughout 2019.

Trinitonians have always demonstrated a commitment to serve. To honor this value, one that is as true today as it was in 1869, we will come together for a global day of service on February 1. Together, we will raise our banner bright - the maroon and white - and our voices strong.

As we embark on this milestone year, I want to thank each of you for all you do to sustain Trinity now and for another 150 years.

Danny Anderson, President of Trinity University


Join us on Friday, Feb. 1, 2019 for an afternoon of service and an evening of celebration at Trinity University.


Your Trinity memories are what make our 150th anniversary special.


Join in! Attend events, contribute your stories, add the official 150th anniversary logo to your communications, and learn more about Trinity's history.