Diversity and Inclusion

Trinity is committed to implementing practices in pursuit of an inclusive campus for all students, faculty, and staff to feel welcomed, and valued.

Our promise

1. Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

President Anderson established a task force in June 2020 comprised of faculty and staff - and participation from students and alumni. The task force will prepare recommendations that should include principles and guidelines that address everything from the building of relationships across all units to plans for implementation of best practices leading to anti-bias, anti-racist structures, striving for meaningful involvement of all student populations, overall professional development, and the creation and/or maintenance of an inclusive campus culture.

2. "Bias Incident" reporting mechanism

Trinity will establish a “bias incident” reporting mechanism that will allow any student, staff member, or faculty member to report an incident of bias or racism so that it can be investigated and appropriately addressed.

3. Diversity and Inclusion professional development

Trinity will secure diversity and inclusion professional development for our campus by the end of 2020. This will not be a single event, but an ongoing annual process that will include University leadership, faculty, athletics, staff, and students. Our police department, which already participates in specific anti-bias and cultural competence development for certification, will also participate in the general University diversity and inclusion professional development.

4. Enhancing diversity and inclusion orientation

Trinity will enhance the diversity and inclusion orientation provided to new students, either during New Student Orientation or near the beginning of their first semester.