About Trax

Trax is the world’s first standards-based asset planning and management platform that makes massive projects manageable.

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About Join

The Join platform enables teams to make better design and construction decisions and unlock dramatic improvements in project delivery by connecting projects and people to data.

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About TestFit

TestFit, launched in October of 2017, provides a radically new approach to solving site feasibility studies. Harnessing the concept of co-creation, TestFit leverages the knowledge of the user with the efficiency of algorithms. Our current offering provides value to Architects, Developers, and General Contractors. TestFit is the most powerful multifamily prototyping tool on the market today.

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About JAMB Collective

JAMB was created as the brainchild of six diverse individuals working in architecture who were brought together by the AIA Practice Innovation Lab in October 2017. The Practice Innovation Lab was a think tank/summit hosted by the AIA Young Architects Forum that challenged 10 teams of 6 to explore and cultivate innovative business models for the future practice of architecture. The team’s collaborative energy led to the design of a business model that earned the “People’s Choice Award” at the culmination of the event.

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About Soliquid

Soliquid is a startup specialized in large scale 3D printing for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Design industries.

Launched in Paris in 2018, Soliquid is developing a unique large scale 3D printing process in suspension in a gel matrix. This process enables freeform printing (without support use) and material saving (thus answering challenges raised by existing additive manufacturing techniques).

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Founded by building professionals with decades of AEC experience, Hypar uses cloud computing to generate the built environment, helping project stakeholders make better decisions faster.

Hypar is an open cloud platform supporting the computational creation of building options for review and selection, providing a foundation for an AEC community seeking to leverage scalable computation to arrive at decisions through extensive design exploration and analysis, delivering relevant expertise to projects at the right time.

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About Monograph

Monograph based out of San Francisco and founded by 3 ex-architects from MIT, Harvard, and Michigan build enjoyable, painless, and intuitive, time tracking and project management solutions designed specifically for architects.

Built for the small firm mindset but agile enough for larger studios Monograph launched its project-planning platform, Dashboard for Architects. The objective of the platform is to shift the myriad planning tools used by architects to a singular and cohesive application.

The Dashboard for Architects allows firms to manage their practice and projects in a visually straightforward format, with an emphasis on simplicity and the development of tools that will be frequently used by AEC stakeholders.

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About TonicDM

TonicDM, founded by Gehry Partners and Gensler alumni, has developed a ridiculously easy to use system that helps design firms in the building industry prepare, distribute, file and manage documents to streamline operations and maintain quality records.

Streamline | Tedious tasks like filing emails, preparing transmittals, and managing CA logs go away with TonicDM's easy-to-use tools and automation of repetitive tasks.

Oversight | Quickly look up project emails, issued sets, and CA logs to monitor project progress and reference past projects with confidence.

Risk Management | Ensure project records (emails, shared files, CA) are organized and ready when you need them to answer questions, even long after the project is complete.

Collaboration | Enjoy streamlined collaboration with other organizations while we keep everything organized for you.

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