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PULSE Transition Session

Transitioning from GeoManager

for GeoManager Administrators

Transitioning from GeoManager to PULSE? Join us for an overview of the process and understand what to expect along the way. Learn about device compatibility and what data migration options are available.

GeoManager to PULSE Migration Process

PULSE Onboarding Sessions

Eager to get going? Check out our Admin Guides for a jump start!

PULSE Telematics

for Administrators
  • Establishing Org Group Hierarchy

  • Defining Lookups

  • Creating Places & Geofences

  • Setting Up Equip & Vehicles

Admin Guide for: Telematics

People & Security

for Administrators
  • Configuring Security Roles

  • Setting Up People & Users

  • Defining Org Group Security

Admin Guide for: User Security

Driver Logs

for Administrators and Managers
  • Setting up Driver Details

  • Creating Home Terminals

  • Defining DVIR Checklists

  • Granting Security Permissions

  • Conflict Resolution

Driver Safety

for Administrators
  • Configuring Safety Profiles

  • Assigning Drivers to Vehicles

  • Setting Up Safety Alerts

  • Granting Security Permissions

Inspections & Maintenance

for Administrators
  • Defining Inspection Checklists

  • Establishing Maintenance Schedules

  • Assigning Maintenance Plans

  • Creating Maintenance Alerts

  • Granting Security Permissions

Admin Guides for: Inspections & Maintenance

PULSE User Training

Maximizing Uptime

for Administrators, Managers and Supervisors
  • Navigating PULSE Telematics (web)

  • Managing Fleet (Vehicle & Equipment)

  • Monitoring Fleet Utilization

  • Monitoring Fleet Operations

  • Generating & Scheduling Reports

More coming soon!

Going Mobile

for Drivers, Operators & Field Personnel
  • Navigating PULSE Telematics (mobile)

  • Performing Inspections in the Field

  • Viewing Inspection & Maintenance History

  • Understanding Individual Scorecards

  • Reviewing Driver Safety Scores

  • Initiating Event Investigations

Driver Logs

A Day in the Life of a Driver (step-by-step guide)
  • Sign onto the Tablet

  • Starting Logs

  • Certifying Logs

  • Take Rest Break

  • Ending Logs

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