Welcome to Trimble Real Estate's AWS Migration Page

Executive Summary

Trimble have elected to migrate from traditional co-located facilities in both North America and the United Kingdom to Amazon Web Services.

Trimble have formed a migration committee with the heads of each department, technical staff, and AWS resources to ensure success and a smooth transition for all clients.

Please take your time to review the remaining tabs to discover more information around the architecture, security, benefits, and our FAQ's.

Key Points

  • 30 Days prior to migration, the CloudOps group will initiate a synchronisation for configurations and data (Effectively doubling our current DR Process)
  • All environments are already created and ready to receive new clients and early adopters
  • As we approach the migration weekend, cadence will be reduced for synchronising and DNS Time-to-live (TTL)
  • On the Friday of migration, cadence will be down to 1 hour, and TTL reduced to 1 minute
  • 'Migration' will simply be a case of re-pointing DNS to the new IP's, so there should be no changes required from clients unless using IP's and not URL's

Key Dates

US Migration Weekend: October 25th - 27th 2019 - Migration Plan

EMEA Migration Weekend: November 8th - 10th 2019 - Migration Plan