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The Tri County Library Media Center provides teaching and learning support to encourage intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and foster a lifelong love of reading and learning. 

Kathryn Katz, K-12 Media Specialist

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Reading Resources 

Log in to take AR quizzes and for the STAR test. 

Search books to find if quizzes are available. Book level, points, and quiz number are also provided. 

This contains a wide variety of popular ebooks students can read on their devices. 

Every year there is a list of books that students Nebraska can read and vote for their favorite to win the Golden Sower Award. 

This contains a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction titles students can read on their device or download. Password is required. 

Researching Tools

Learn about places around the world and other states as well. Password is required.  

This is a resource with a variety of databases students can look at when they are researching and looking for information. Password is required.  

Look at different viewpoints for issues that are currently facing our world. Password is required.  

This is a general online encyclopedia students can research that meet the needs of different levels. Password is required.  

Must have Tri County account to access.