We are a venture firm that empowers entrepreneurs on their own unique path to success. We invest early and with conviction, using our experience and networks to help guide founders and their teams as needed.
Our investment experience includes;
Seed investment in Boxever, acquired by SiteCore. Seed, Series A investment in PaySlip. Seed investment (lead), Series A and Series B in BrightFlag.Seed, Series A investment in Grid Beyond.Seed, Series A investment in Glofox.Seed round angel investment and secondaries at Intercom.Series Seed investment in &Open. Series A (lead) investment in NewsWhip. Seed investment and secondaries (Series C) in Phorest. Seed investment (lead) and follow on in Mustard. Seed investment (lead) and Series A investment in PageFair, acquired. Angel investment in SoapBox Labs. Seed and follow on investment in Socio Local.Seed invesment, follow on and secondaries in Visible Thread. Seed investment in TriviumVet. Series A investment in Video Elephant.

On a mission to redefine a market on a global scale? Tribal is structured as an evergreen investment entity, allowing us to be flexible, long term partners investing (as lead or co lead) up to €2M at seed or series A.

@tribal.vc 23 South William St. Dublin