The Tornado Times

Horrifying Halloween Edition!

Spirit Week Is A Huge Success!

One of the two weeks at TDS that this issue of the Tornado Times covers was Spirit Week. This year's Spirit Week, we had Pajama Day on Monday, Costume Day on Tuesday (which also happened to be Halloween,) Wacky Tacky Day on Wednesday, Teacher-Student Swap Day on Thursday, and #Squadgoals Day on Friday for the middle schoolers, with Grade Theme Day instead for the lower schoolers.

On Pajama Day, students got to come to school wearing their pajamas. In sixth grade, Kate wore a set of pajamas that looked like Cookie Monster, complete with a set of slippers with little Cookie Monster faces on them. And in fifth grade, Rashyia wore a comfy blue-and-purple monster one-piece pajama suit with fluffy spikes on it!

On Halloween Costume Day, students got to come to school wearing their Halloween costumes! McCallum, an eighth grader, and Blasian, a TK student, both dressed up as The Flash, a superhero who was struck by lightning and given powers of super speed. Blasian and McCallum both posed together for a picture. In fourth grade, Oli came to school as a giant inflatable leprechaun, and during art class, after he had deflated it to sit down, it suddenly started to inflate itself again! After much chaos, the fourth graders finally fixed the costume, and Oli was able to focus on his art in peace once more.

On Wacky Tacky Day, students got to come to school looking as crazy and as strange as they wanted to. In fourth grade, Bruce colored his hair and came to school with a Mohawk. In seventh grade, Anja dressed up as an extremely creepy clown, complete with a clown nose and a wig. And in fifth grade, Avery braided her hair into an upside-down braid that went down her face instead of the back of her head!

On Teacher Student Swap Day, students got to come to school dressed as teachers, and the teachers got to come to school dressed as students. Ms. Carnes, the seventh and eighth grade math teacher, came to school dressed as Katie, an eighth grader. Adri, a seventh grader, dressed as Coach Morrison, the middle school PE teacher. And Noah, another seventh grader, dressed as Mrs. Khan, the middle school science teacher.

Finally, on Grade Theme/#Squadgoals Day, middle schoolers got to pick a theme with a group of friends to dress up as, while each lower school grade picked a theme to dress up as. The fifth graders dressed as survivalists, TK dressed as skeletons, and the third graders dressed as athletes. In middle school, Ms. Carnes and a group of eighth graders dressed as animals, and Anelise and Sophia wore turquoise headbands to school.

Note: All photos were taken from the Triangle Day School Facebook Page.