2018- 2019 Cheerleading

Coaches Information:

Team placings:

  • Football Varsity
    • Bri A, Emily C, Sarah C, Sydnee C, Kaylin E, Rachaelle E, Faith G, Allie H, Alissa H, Lexi M, Emily M, Sammy R, Makenna S, Avery S, Morgan T, Zoey U
  • Football JV
    • Hannah G, Sierra G, Brittni H, Meera K, Brandi L, Johna M, Savanna S, Emily W, Brynn, Rylee,

Basketball: Everyone has made a team for basketball sideline(if your name is not on the list it was because you put football only so if you change your mind you can re-try out in the Octobet try out.) Basketball competition teams will be determined in OCTOBER.

Congratulations to:

    • Bri A, Emily C, Lex C, Sydnee C, Kaylin E, Rachaelle E, Hannah G, Sierra G, Faith G, Allie H, Alissa H, Meera K, Lexi M, Emily M, Sammy R, Makenna S, Savanna S, Avery S, Morgan T, Zoey U, Emily W, Rylee
  • Important dates coming up
    • There is a parent/cheer meeting on April 23rd at 6:30 in the library. Please bring a $200 deposit.
  • Cheerleading fitting for warm ups and uniforms on April 25th @ 7 PM.
  • Basketball/Competition
    • Everyone is invited to work though the summer to try out again in the fall for the basketball/competition team.

Summer Dates for both teams:

  • Kids Summer Camp June 5, 6, 7 from 4-6
  • Camp #1 June 6 from 10-2
  • Basketball/ Competition Camp #2 June 19 from 1-9 , 20 from 9-9, 21 from 9-1
  • Choreography -
  • Marine Parade - June 29/30
  • St. Jacob Parade -
  • Troy Parade -

Football Dates:

  • Fitting for clothes
  • Fall Kids Clinic: June 4,5,6 4-6 p.m.
  • Practices will be 1-2 days a week
  • Cardinals Routine 8/28

Basketball/Competition Dates:

  • Try outs on October 24th. Here you will be split into JV and Varsity
  • Open gyms will start in September
  • Practices will be every week day from Oct. 24-Feb. 3

Financial Information - **All prices listed are going off of last years totals so these are subject to change.

*Payments can be broken down into monthly or seasonal amounts. As of right now payment days are $200 by May 1st, $200 by July 1st, $200 by September 1st, $200 by November 1st till bills are paid.

warm ups, shoes, bows, and bag - $300

uniform JV - $85

Uniform varsity - $300

camp costs - $300

extras: tumbling costs, extra events (hotels, shirts, dvd's, senior night etc.)

Football Costs - warm ups, bow, bag, and jersey fee

Basketball/Competition - warm ups, 2 bows, bag, shoes, uniform, tumbling

*warm ups and bags are the same for both teams so you only have to buy it one time


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