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Facing suicide

Highly personal stories exploring this difficult topic, from a family recovering from a son’s suicide, to five women who choose to live.

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Overcoming depressions

A writer, a musician and a video blogger find three surprising paths to recovery, with powerful takeaways for all viewers.

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The Suicide Rate is Rising - Here’s What We Can Do to Stop It.

White middle-aged men are most at risk in a rising suicide trend. Dr. Christine Moutier of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention talks about how broader treatment for depression and other disorders, and changing societal opinions of suicide, could reverse things.

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Wie helfe ich Menschen mit Suizid-Gedanken?

8 von 10 Menschen die sich das Leben nehmen, kündigen ihren Suizid vorher an! Deswegen sollte man jederzeit wissen, wie man Menschen am besten aus ihren Suizidgedanken raus hilft.

.... nobody on earth knows what is going on for sure. But I like the ideas of Hans.

SUICIDE explained by Hans Wilhelm

A visual description of what happens in the case of suicide