You have asked me for a Tree of Memory, so what happens next?

Every Tree of Memory is connected to a single person, and receives its own fundraising profile wich aims at raising the € 500 needed for planting each tree. Hence I would need from you:

  • A photo of your late friend, family member or loved one ( not a must have If you prefer not to, but it is helpful, both for your memory and your sponsors association with your tree)
  • Tell me in a short, personal excerpt why you want to create a memorial for the person you have chosen, and what you cherished about them the most. (Again, this is not mandatory, but I believe it’s truly helpful for both you, and for your sponsors, to be able to understand your connection & motivation ). You don’t have to be a great writer to do this. Authenticity couunts, so just go with the words as they come to you!

Once I have the necessary Information, I will set up a Profile on This Portal does not educe any fees, and all funds go towards the charitable cause, target amount reached or not. As of July 11th, with a new function having been launched, you can see all Trees of Memory profiles in a gallery.

Once this profile is set up, you will receive your individual Link. Now I need your help: You can share this link on facebook, twitter, Instagram or per email, asking your network and your friends & relatives for their support. If you feel you need my help with a good text to be fundraising for your Tree of Memory, I can provide a template for you to adapt.

There is no need and no must for this - if you prever being in every aspect anonymous, I will respect that and we can do it like this too. I just need it to know.

Go to the album to see for whom we are planting the trees .

Each person gets a profile at to collect funds for the tree.

What happens with the collected funds?

First of all: No money gets lost. All money raised will go into your Tree of Memory, regardless of the € 300 target having been reached or not. That’s why I chose to go with, as they forward every single penny. If the € 300 target is missed for whatever reason, I will work with you on how to organize the remainder of the necessary funds, even if that means putting some of our own funds into it.

€ 50 are set aside to support the suicide prevention work. For every penny we can raise for your Tree that goes beyond the € 500 target, goes into the Tree of Memory Project (fees, costs of hosting the website and mouch more ...)

All funds needed have been raised! And next?

… we will, once I have walked my path to you, gather your friends and family and hold a dignified and personal ceremony, planting the Tree together. Once we have planted your Tree of Memory, we can collect photographies of the deceased & the tree, as well as adding the coordinates and your personal text about the person we planted the tree for. Eventually, a whole gallery of trees and the stories behind them will form. Of course, updating the photo as the tree grows is a wonderful possibility. And as always, you can opt out of any single component, if you feel that were the better choice.