Why I am doing this?

Many left ones are driven by suicidal thoughts

I know that there are many who are driven by their own suicidal thoughts. They only exist, without courage, without confidence and without joy. Many of them lose their struggle and follow their partners or children into the death. Many of them live a solitary life. Some find new happiness.

But all of us is in common, that this pain may manifest itself in every second, caused by a word, a picture, a situation, a place, a smell, simply by memories, for the rest of our life.

But there is a colorful and joyful future for each of us, even if you can't see it right now.

I talked to people on the phone, who lost their partners 25 ago and they collapsed in tears after so many years.

The pain will remain as a scar in the soul

No one can take this pain. Even if he is deeply hidden, he will always remain, no matter how big the new happiness may be. And that is good, because we feel love and because it keeps the memory of people who are often forgotten in the environment, too quickly.

But at the same time it is not good. Scars may remain, but the pain should disappear.

Keep the memory and let them grow

  • I do not want these people to be forgotten.
  • I do not want to forget you, Jürgen.
  • The living ones should not be forgotten, like the dead ones too.

For this reason, I would like, for as many as possible, who have been torn out of their lives, to create those unique places with the Trees of Memory. Places, where memories can remain and grow — just like the love, that has linked us in the past.

A path, everyone can walk on

Trees — which are connected to each other, on a life cycle that runs all over the globe.

A path that symbolizes the circle of life. Everyone can hike on this footpath, who is in search of consolation, confidence, responses, and a look into a new future.

All of this, has something magical. Do not ask me why. I feel, that it is a matter of importance, but rationally I cannot explain it.

Can I invite you to participate?