The Idea of Trees of Memory

Trees in a circle around the earth forms a magical unity

Many people share the opinion that our souls are not more than energy and shall reconnect, after death, with the universal energy. Others believe that our souls will be reborn in the Kingdom of God, others do not believing in any form of a life or being after death. But it doesn't matter what we believe. We continue feeling this energy, those souls, the love and the loss. The one we loved are joining us somehow, some for a short time, some for a long time.

I think all of us need a little magic and universal energy; It doesn't matter if we lost a loved-one or not. A part of the magic is

  • A walked path around the earth forms a circle.
  • The circle of life is infinite.
  • It is endlessly as love and grief can be.

On the 31st of March 2018 I will start walking and planting,

This project is not following any political, religious or esoterical ideas. It follows only my deep feelings, based on a suicide, which changed my life in a dramatic way. It follows the idea to change memories into something new and very important: Something which is creating awareness for those who are left behind, after any form of loss and death. For those who are suffering, sometimes for the rest of their life.

Trees of Memory is for anybody

  • who cares for somebody,
  • who missing somebody,
  • who wants to share memories and anybody
  • who wants to be part of a unique symbol,
  • which will show the beauty of life and his people

I am deeply convinced that we must talk about death and what a loss is doing to peoples psyche. And I firmly believe that we can free ourselves from depression. It does not have to come with such dramatic consequences like a suicide. We should be guided by our dreams and longings. Yes, I know it is easier said than done. But could it be, that this is your last and only chance?

The project combines several levels.


Among the many billions of trees is none identical to another. Just as love is: Unique and not comparable. This is why a growing tree is the perfect symbol. Even the seasons symbolize the various phases of a relationship. What is still flourishing in the beginning, must also go through frosty times. This is important for every new start and those changes help to create a stronger relationship.

Every tree stands for a past and a present life.


Trees are planted in a ring around the earth that stands for the infinity and the cycle of life. The earth is spinning and life goes on from the beginning of time. A life without friendship and love is not conceivable and it is part of humans and many animals. A ring is a widespread symbol, not just for infinity. We wear wedding rings ...


Trees of Memory become an international and intercultural symbol for the beauty and the value of life. Life belongs to death, just as joy belongs to mourning too. But at the end of every day, life is beautiful and diverse and it is worth fighting for — Every single day.


The Trees of Memory are supposed to bring the suicide out of the taboo zone. They place a widely visible sign, for the importance and the increasing need of suicide prevention.

We all underestimate existing signs and most of us cannot imagine the unthinkable. Those who are affected also doubt, that a depression can lead directly to death.

Do you know what a suicide is doing to the partners, children or parents? The hospitals and the mental institutions are aware, that the care and support for the left behind relatives is often deficient. Often it takes years before they can lead a normal life again.

That is why every one of us is required. It costs nothing to listen and to respect, that everyone is different. The healing of the wounds takes his time.


And certainly it would be a lie if I deny that Trees of Memory also serves my processing of the circumstances. Deep inside for sure. My whole life was alien determined by people, work and circumstances. My depression aroused anxiety and did not stop me from completely destroying myself — almost. I am still here, because I fight, because it is worth to. The suicide of Jürgen took away everything that is necessary to create a happy life. My feelings of guilt, are like a torture and not everyone wants to realize that depression is a disease that can end in suicide.

Cancer of the soul. Nothing to blame a third for. Nothing you should make less, than it really is. With this project, I am going to meet all my fears, worries, and needs. I will be able to show to those in need, that it is possible at any time to regain an intellectual and psychological freedom, that allows a happy life.

I believe in life and the unimaginable possibilities.

I'll fight for that.

For me and for you.