Trees of Memory is a project that says “yes” to life and which supports the grandeur and value of life. This is why your sponsorship commitment is presented accordingly. I would ask you to consider this, even if the roots of the project are sad.

Which qualities make me, in addition to the project, to a sponsoring partner with benefits?

  • 17 years of experience as a TV journalist
  • Implementation of more than 220 corporate videos for companies
  • For 8 years with my own PR agency successful on the market
  • Since 7 years lecturer in online journalism and online marketing, at 3 different universities and training institutions

Professional in the following areas:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Texts / — Journalism
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Cross-Media Marketing
  • Crisis Public Relation
  • Author of several documentaries and two cooking books
  • Trees of Memory is my heart and life project. The better, more professional and the more profitable I deal with all the involved partners, the more people I will win for this project and the more Trees of Memory will line the path.
  • Because the success so far, promises that once I'm on my way and the actual press and local radio stations can be integrated, the numbers of the “follower” will rise excessively.

What you get as a sponsor of mine?

  • I offer you a cooperation with the HR department of your company. This can be in the form of a motivational lecture or a seminar, a support for your projects or a joint fundraising activity.
  • Each sponsor gets its own Page, with your unique content.
  • The ongoing exposure is described by me in a text, which I will publish on various blog sites. If it fits and is feasible, the commitment would also describe in a video, but this is certainly an individual decision.
  • Product sponsors get an unboxing video.
  • A personal practice test video (after a certain time)
  • A written test in practice, published in the blog portals.
  • All this is shared in the social networks
  • I will, as soon as I'm on my way, publish daily photographs, write regular blog posts and at least once a week, create a summary film documentary.
  • The project will take between 10 and 15 years. Can you imagine how many times your product could be seen in pictures and videos?
  • You have the option — to integrate me in your marketing activities offline and online. Thereby you can attract additional users and prospective customers.
  • If you can help me with the technical online-based implementation of my multimedia vision or if you have an innovative product, you can present your know how to a wide international audience.

Sponsoring possibilities

1. Equipment -Sponsoring

Here are primarily producers addressed, who wants to see their products in long-term use and getting the related coverage in text, photo and video. All kinds of hiker things, like a backpack, shoes, a pilgrim or traveling carriage, a tent, sleeping bag, cooking utensils and clothing. Just ask me, I will gladly send you a list.

2. Financial sponsorship per month or per kilometer / mile

With which monthly sum or per mile, you sponsor Trees of Memory remains with you. The money will be mainly used to finance trees and plaques, as well as emerging costs, fees and equipment and the daily costs of living. Over what period you wish to participate in this project is up to you. Whether you sponsor it for a year on probation, or for 5 years or you make every 6 months a new decision. We will fix the sponsoring conditions and you decide at a later time, if you wish to continue your commitment.

3. Sponsoring trees

Finance with the sum of 500 Euro 1 Tree or two with 1000 Euros or more.

Let us prove that it is worth fighting for life and set up together with me a sign — as a main sponsor, sub-sponsor, product sponsor or ...?

You have a different idea? Bring it on!