To manage the challenge with sponsoring

A great challenge

Have there ever been suicide in your company or in your personal circle of acquaintances? If so, then you know how it feels, as an employer, as a colleague, as a friend or as a relative.

Once around the earth and a bit more

I will walk 75,000 km around the earth and I will plant Trees of Memory. Trees for those, who left us. Trees for those who are traumatized and left helpless behind. Trees for those, who plays with the thought of escaping by suicide. A walk and trees as a symbol and with a strong message:

You can achieve whatever you want to - let me show you how I am doing it.

I would love to ask you, to consider whether you can support this unique project, which will start in Frankfurt, with a donation, a sponsorship or a tree for one of your employees. I would like to give you, next to the tree, in return a lecture on “Motivation — Ways out of the Crisis”, as a “thank you”, space for your messages here on this website and all other soical networks.

International coverage

This project offers strong opportunities with international reach.

Send your message on the journey around the globe. I will be glad helping you with this.