Sponsor: Skyroam


First of all, I'd like to thank Skyroam for supporting Trees of Memory with their global WifFi hot spot device. In fact, I've been looking for exactly something like this, because I need to be self-sufficient on the Internet, if I want to keep the followers and those who are interested in my daily experiences, up to date.

With Skyroam I am not dependent on any hot spots. I do not need a pub with W-Lan. I can sit at the campfire and devote myself to work without any data restriction. So I can stay in touch with the users.

Even in emergency situations, this device can help me. I can write online, upload movies and photos, I can chat and connect with friends and family via Skype. I guess, this device will be one of the most important tools of my very long journey.

I could negotiate with Skyroam a special offer for Trees of memory users.

If you enter


As a voucher code in the order process, you will receive a

10% discount.

What can skyroam do?

In fact, it is super easy to use. The Skyroam Global Hotspot device, if switched o, is looking independently for matching mobile data networks. As soon as the connection is established, you can connect via W-Lan to the mobile phone or notebook.

After the start, up to five devices can use skyroam at the same time. During holiday all of your friends can benefit from it. Because it is possible to connect several devices simultaneously, such as: the mobile phone, the laptop, the Kindl Reader and more.

Skyroam can be used in over 100 countries based on a daily flat rate, without data limitation. A day pass is valid for 24 hours, from the moment of activation. Any number of day passes can be purchased at any time via the web address.

New safety technology ensures a quick, safe and simple use of the device, without the use of a SIM card.

If you do not want to buy the unit for $ 99.99, you can rent it for $ 9.95 a day. This includes the day pass with unlimited data transfer. Whoever bought the device, pays $ 8 a day.

Skyroam makes special offers for companies. Employees can be permanently online, worldwide at favorable conditions and often cheaper than the rates in hotels.

You see, it is the perfect tool for me and I'm very glad, that I stumbled on the internet over this offer and Skyroam supports Trees of Memory.

All further information and / or the possibility to buy the device you find here on this link to Skyroam.