How is Trees of Memory going to be implemented?

The actual traveling and planting of tree will happen by foot, whenever possible. However, as I am yet to learn walking on water, a boat will be needed here and there. And crossing some of the most life-prohibiting zones of our planet may need some distances to be covered in a motorized vehicle.

However, the plan and goal is to stay grounded, so walking is actually a real priority to me. Also, remaining grounded means: No air transport. Surface of the earth only.

Trees of memory will work, I am convinced otherwise I would not do that. However, there are many uncertainties that will only show up when I am on the road. I think it is better for the project if I will do it in stages.

That's why I plan first to plant all trees in Germany, as the first stage. For this I will hiking and planting from the end of March to the end of October. During the winter I can then analyze, make improvements and develop the project. The next March, I will do the same, for the next country.

Online proof of travel progress:

The co-ordinates of your tree will be added to our online-map, together with a photo if it. If you will allow me, photos and stories will be published in social networks. No matter whether you prefer Facebook, twitter, Instagram, flickr, or couch-surfing, you will be able to follow my route and see where I am through all those platforms.

Is there a fixed plan, or at least a fixed direction?

If you have lost someone to suicide, please feel free to invite me. We will plant a tree together, you, me, and whoever you wish to be there with you. I will mark the places where there’s going to be a Tree of Memory, and then bring those into a sensible order for me to walk as a trail - by foot!

What does it cost me to invite you for a planting?

Nothing! But, of course, I need to eat, drink, sleep, keep myself clean, and my laundry, too. So I am grateful for a place to sleep, a meal, and maybe even the opportunity to do some laundry. Whatever it is you can offer! I will hit the road the day after we have planted your Tree – unless you feel emotionally compromised and would appreciate my company for a few more days. I am happy to stay and support you until you feel a bit better!

I have neither garden nor backyard - what now? Can we still plant a tree?

Sure! In this case, I will try to arrange a planting ground through the city council or local congregation. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if we help each other in this, we can make it happen!

How long will it take to walk around the earth and plant all those trees?

At this stage, this is hard to tell. Largely it depends how many trees I will have the opportunity to plant with people. But also how easy routing is between those places. Realistically, I would say 15 to 20 years is a very possible timeframe.