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Because a suicide has torn my life into a million pieces, I will plant

Trees of Memory

along a path spanning 75.000 kilometers (that’s 40.500 nautical miles) around the world.

Trees for those who are no longer amongst us, as well as those whom they have left behind. A „Footpath of Life“ as a visible monument to great and loving people who have lost their hopes and their fights.

An international symbol to see for all those of us who wish for death, showing that even out of the darkest hours something incredible can be achieved, and that the splendour of of life can and will re-emerge eventually.

Current status:

35 trees ordered in 12 countries

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When a loved one is suddenly and unexpectedly torn from this world, it means a major critical life event for their surviving dependants. Particularly in case of a loved ones’ suicide, a multitude of traumatic emotions need to be processed:

  • Exceptionally intense grief, wich can lead to trauma and PTSD
  • Pain and anger ▪ Denial
  • Feelings of guilt and remorse

Furthermore, surviving dependants like family, life-partner, and even children have to cope with social stigma. Sadly, often enough the survivors cannot expect to be experience the sympathy and understanding of their peers. On the contrary, they often find themselves confronted with im- or explicit allegations.

In the population at large, knowledge about the development of a depression, and the intricacies that can lead to a person becoming suicidal are still sketchy at best. Very few people are aware that 99% of suicides are actually not the result of the deceased’s free will, but i.e. a direct result of critically low levels of serotonin, among other factors.

Today, suicide has already become the second most common cause of death between ages 15 and 34 – with diagnosed anxiety disorders and depressions still rising. The World Health Organization predicts affective disorders like depressions will become the second most common diseases by 2020.

If diagnosed in it’s early stages, a depression is well treatable today – in most cases, while the necessary duration of treatment varies individually, it is possible to regain a totally normal life, without the need for ongoing medication or therapy.

Suicide, on the other hand, in most cases means the tragic end to a untreated depressive disorder. While being announced in 8 of 10 cases, families and friends struggle to take these clues at face value.

Draw attention to the multitude of treatment options available today, and to leave a mark pro-life.

Order a tree, free of charge, for someone whom you’ve held dearly; or become a tree-sponsor!

Each tree planted represents:

  • a loved one no longer walking amongst us
  • for someone left behind
  • for their relationship, friendship and love for each other
  • a beacon of hope, strength and dignity – for that every goal, every dream has the potential to be realized some time.

All these trees will line a trail around earth:

A circular route representing the circle of life, and life eternal itself.

What could a tree of memory mean for you?

  • A tree of memory is not a place of farewells, but a place of peace and serenity for you to remember. Your friendship, your love, your bond – they once started as a small, fragile plant, did they not? It grew with the years, becoming taller sturdier and more and more beautiful, just like a tree.
  • This tree will connect you with a community that shares your experience. It will remind you that you are not alone, and remind you of your strength
  • Your tree can become a place of encounter for those tracing the path, be it in shorter or longer walks and hikes. It can become a meeting place for those whom your loved one left behind.
  • A Tree of Memory can also be your very personal spot, reminding you…
  • Let your tree help you let go of the pain you locked up inside of you for so long, hurting and damaging you; even after years.
  • It can be planted as a token of understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Your tree will be a constant reminder for you, that we can achieve anything; every dream can become reality – despite the thunderstorms, floods and droughts we encounter.
  • As a sponsor, you are taking a stand for life, with all its opportunities. In addition, you are helping the trees-of-memory project to develop new and better services & assistance in suicide prevention.
  • As a co-sponsor for a specific tree, you can help your friends and family make the tree they wish for happen, giving them a place or remembrance and encounter.

What drives me?

  • Using my history as an example, I want to show that everyone can be freed from suicide thoughts and depression. Suicide is not an option because you are needed and because you are unique. You can not be replaced. But the gravity and darkness of your thoughts are interchangeable at any time.
  • With this one of a kind path around earth, lined with tress of memory, I hope to
  • Make a mark against loneliness, and taking a stand against increasing hopelessness and lack of perspective.
  • Give people a beacon of hope in their darkest hours.
  • Create awareness and sensitivity towards early indications of suicidality.
  • Create a platform for life-stories, experiences & destinies, paving the way for an active exchange among surviving friends and families.
  • Showing those left behind they are not alone, and that those horrible feelings resulting from their experience are something others had to fight through, too.
  • Invite people to join me for part of the way, discovering perspectives both in nature as with fellow humans.
  • Raise awareness about rising suicide rates around the world.

My cost for each tree

sums up to € 300 (£ 250 / US$ 350 approximately ), wich we have to gather. They include:

  • a small, dignified ceremony with close friends and relatives of the deceased
  • a 5 minute video clip about the late loved one, told by friends, family and close associates
  • the commemorative plaque on the tree
  • everything needed to make this happen (i.e negotiations & fees with the municipalities & a place to plant the tree, for those without an own garden or plot of land)
  • hosting of the profile / video / pics for a life time
  • a minimum of € 50 going into suicide prevention

Become a tree-sponsor for €1

With a small contribution, starting at €1, you can become a sponsor and help keep a loved ones memory.

Take a stand and show life is worth every effort.

And hopefully, together we can give hope and save a life.

Just klick the button to your right to help (via credit card) or use the possibilities (wire transfer or PayPal) below.

Every sponsor receives a virtual tree on this map here.

This is how the the future path, lined with the trees, could look like.

You can easily help plant the next tree via wire transfer or P PayPal

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My name is Mario Dieringer, and I am not willing to helplessly keep standing on the sidelines. People used to call me „Sunshine“, as nothing seemed to be able to break my optimism, no matter what happened. I was the life of every party, until suddenly, aged 46, my brain went haywire, throwing me into a full-fledged major depression, leading to an attempt at my own life. At easter 2016, the love of my life took his life – leaving my struggling and fighting for my own life day and night, for some rather long months.

Today, thankfully, I do not require medication and therapy any more, and have decided to put my full focus on this project. The sun was able to return to my life, because I was able to find a way to lead myself out of the scourge we call depression. I learned to follow my soul and my feelings, and pursue the resulting inner need to become active in helping others. Following ones own self proved to be the key in winning the fight for regaining your own life.

„Give your life perspective when it hungers for it!“

I wish to invite anyone interested to participate, and to help wherever I can.

Please, join me online or offline, via the established various social networks.