Get your tree

But this goes out to communities and municipalities as well, who wish to have a Tree of Memory planted for their deceased members or citizens who have been torn from their lives by depression and suicide.

Be it at a public place, where people passing by will find a place of reflection and serenity. Please help me create these places of calm pause and reflection.

What do you have to do & how does it work, getting your Tree of Memory?

Please contact me via email to , telling me

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Where you want to plant your tree with me
  • Whether the planting ground is owned privately, or a municipality or congregation needs to be contacted for organizing a place.
  • Whether you can offer me a couch, a guest-room, your garden, a garage or a barn – I travel lightly, with my tent, so any safe place for me to spend the night is fine. I just need to know I have one.
  • If you want, that the tree for your loved one and everything around should stay anonymous, please let me know. There is no need for publicity if you wish it.

What happens next?

  • German privacy laws are among the strictest in the world. So your data is kept confidential as a legal requirement - and I will never ask you to sign a waiver to your privacy rights.
  • Please check the personalized „Your Tree Profile“ page to see what info I still need from you
  • A few weeks before beginning my walk around our planet, I will bring all tree requests into order to create a sensible itinerary for my journey. Of course, updates and stop overs will happen as more trees get requested, but I will keep you posted. You can check my whereabouts online via social media or via the newsletter.
  • You will get a fortnight’s notice before I approach your location, either via email or phone.
  • We will plant the tree and hold the ceremony on one day; I will be back on my way the day after.
  • If you need assistance or would appreciate me staying for a couple of days more, I am happy to accommodate that.
  • I also warmly welcome you to join me on my walk, be it for a day, a week, a month - you name it.
  • If you would like me to come to your company, to plant the tree for colleagues, I am happy to provide a motivational keynote, or even do in-house training . This is actually my main job, as you can check out at .

Important note:

This Person you commemorate with your tree was somebody special and played a major role in your life. I cannot just plant a tree somewhere random for you. It was your connection, your bond, your love to that person. That’s why we plant the tree together - my job is to close the circle around the earth, step by step, so the memories of your tree become part of something larger.

Do make that first step!

Please, check the page „Stations“ where you can see in wich locations trees already have been ordered. Seeing those, google maps gives you a good impression what my approximate route will be – but as it is your invitation that makes the trail, nothing is fixed. I will walk to wherever you invite me to plant your tree with you.

Just heard about Trees of Memory, and I am in your vicinity? Just drop me a line, I am glad to receive invitations!

There is but one thing I will not do: Turn around and go back. Life only offers one direction, forward. So if you heard about Trees of Memory after I have already passed your planting site of choice – don’t worry, we will plant your tree anyway. It may have to wait a little, but I have a solution!

Please go to "your profile and funds" for further information about the creation of a profile for the loved ones album