Who am I?

My name is Mario Dieringer and I’m a 50 years old journalist and lecturer who works in Frankfurt; for a few months I have lived in Offenbach am Main which is a small town to the south of Frankfurt. Some habitats of Frankfurt would not venture here because of its small, quaint serenity; I like it here for that very reason.

Teaching at Universities and giving in-house training

I usually teach at training institutions to people who are looking for a new professional career perspective. In addition, I have been invited by companies and Universities to lecture on such online topics like: marketing, search engine optimization and crisis PR.

I, also, run a small agency known as Echte Wortarbeit- Kommunikationsatelier 2.0 who assists with some topics i just mentioned.

You have the possibility, even if I am already on the way — provided I am in your proximity — to hire me on these topics for inhouse teachings.

In addition, I can provide you with valuable insights of my motivation and give you an insight behind the scenes of Trees of Memory, it's marketing strategies and -developing.

Of course I can do this in English too.

Animals and nature dive me crazy

I have seen many parts of this world as my profession allows me to travel the globe. I appreciate nature at its best, and the wildlife. I find myself with a look of amazement if I see some awesome spectacle of nature and all wildlife that I have encountered on my travels. These experiences have given me a greater vision of what this planet has to offer other than a hip dance bar in any city — although I have had a few good times studying the wildlife at those establishments too.

The dog you see here is my big love Meon who passed away a few years.

Dreaming on earth and way up in the sky

I’m not a super sports jock, because next to hiking I love hanging in my para glider and watching the earth below pass me, as I fly along. I can’t spend every day in the sky, but it helps me get through a difficult day, if I imagine to flying above the clouds, which of course you shouldn't with a para glider. I find it, however, a pity, that I cannot take my glider with me when I will do Trees of Memory.

My dream would be to wander on the hills and mountains and slide down laughing and enjoying my life.

Well, I can’t have everything.

Do not give up

And yes, I must be crazy. I know what I am going to do, I know what hardships and dangers I will surrender, and yes, I think about the retirement or the future too. But I'm not worried.

And no, I'm not afraid — I was never.

Except in the past months, that has changed my life in such a dramatic way. Losing people you love, through suicide is probably the worst destiny, that can hit you. Specifically, as it is like in my case, if you see what will happen such a long time before. Several times I called the police for help. Nevertheless, I have lost the struggle — also because no one has believed me. Not the police, not the friends, not even the psychologist. What do you think is left after such an experience?

Yes, nothing. No faith, no hope, no future.

It took me a long time until I could sleep at night and until my brain functioned again in a normal way. It took a few months until I got through the first day without crying. After that, it was still a hard way to go. Sometimes he is still there, somehow. There is not a day without memories, not a day when I do not miss our lives, the laughter, the beautiful moments, even angry quarrels.

You will not be let down

With the “Trees of Memory” I have a perspective that I want to share. A future is possible for anyone, even if the present is so dark and bad. Believe in yourself, believe in life and believe in hope. You will not be let down, and if I can do something good for you, and if it is only to listen to you or give you a big hug, then invite me.

I know what you’re going through.

And I will be there for you! My promise.

Take good care of you.